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Our range of garage door bottom seals are made from a high quality, flexible and fully recyclable thermoplastic. Unlike rubber, our material does not lose colour in extreme sunlight, carries no odour and does not become brittle in prolonged contact with water. The garage door weather seals are secured to the garage floor using our specially developed adhesive and sealant, which provides a water-tight threshold seal between the garage door weather seal and the floor. The garage door thresholds can also be used as a defence against rodents, insects and reptiles.

Our garage door seals are supplied as a kit, complete with adhesive to ensure you have everything you need to help weatherproof your garage door. These floor thresholds are suitable for use on all types of garage doors and are available in numerous sizes to solve virtually any problem.

Once the garage door seal strip is glued onto your garage floor, it will provide an excellent water barrier to completely seal your garage door bottom from wind-driven rainwater and leaves and other debris.

We stock a wide range of different types of garage door thresholds ranging in height to help you stop rain from being blown under your garage door no matter how severe.

Designed to Last

GaraDry garage door seal kits are available in a range of heights and lengths to suit almost any garage door. We have the largest range of garage door threshold seals available, including the tallest garage door floor seal at 50mm high. Made from tough, yet flexible PVC material, GaraDry’s garage door threshold seals are manufactured in the UK and designed to stand the test of time, and all come with a 5-year warranty.

Designed by a fully qualified industrial designer, the threshold seals feature a serrated grooved base for maximum adhesion and stability. Manufactured with safety in mind, the yellow warning strips serve as a visual reminder to people or vehicles passing over the threshold to prevent trip hazards.

Garadam Garage Door Flood Barrier Threshold Kit 50mm (High)
Garadam Garage Door Flood Barrier Threshold Kit 50mm (High)

How the Threshold Seals Work

Garadry threshold seals seals are fitted behind the garage door, butting up against the back of the closed door to create a barrier against rain that also prevents leaves, debris, small rodents, and draughts from entering the garage. When the garage door closes, the bottom edge of the door contacts the threshold seal which closes the gap underneath the door. The supplied adhesive creates a watertight seal between the bottom of the threshold and the floor, helping to divert water away from your garage.

From unexpected storms to rodents and vermin, a threshold seal creates an effective barrier to safeguard your garage and its contents. Whether it’s a classic car garage, a home gym, workshop, or appliances such as freezers or washing machines, GaraDry garage door seal kits defend them from water damage and the effects of condensation including rust.

By eliminating the gap underneath your garage door, our thresholds will also help to insulate your garage door by preventing heat from escaping underneath, thus saving energy costs also. To completely seal your garage door from the elements, see also our top & side weatherstripping, and if you have a metal up-and-over door consider using our DIY garage door insulation kit.

Specially Formulated Adhesive

We have developed the ideal adhesive & sealant for use with our threshold seals. GaraDry Adhesive & Sealant has been formulated to bond excellently with the floor and keep the threshold seal securely in place. This allows you to drive over the threshold seal safely once set.

The adhesive is applied to the floor in two parallel lines along the entire length of the installation area with a third unbroken zigzag line of adhesive between them. The threshold seal can then be positioned in place and pressed down on the adhesive to create a strong and watertight seal between the threshold seal and the floor.

Resistant to temperatures between -40°C and +90°C, GaraDry adhesive & sealant is designed to work in almost any environment from sudden cold snaps to summer heatwaves.

GaraDry adhesive