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Our range of garage door bottom seals are made from a high quality, flexible and fully recyclable PVC material. Our garage door seals will effectively seal the gap between the bottom of your garage door and the floor and are available in a range of heights and lengths to offer the ultimate solution preventing rainwater, leaves and other debris, or rodents.

When it comes to protecting your garage from the rain you can't go wrong with any of our garage door seal products. They are all designed to protect your belongings from even the fiercest rainstorm that may come your way. With seals ranging from 15mm to a massive 50mm tall you are sure to always be protected.

Continue reading to find our more about how our garage door seals can help you.

Garage Door Threshold Seals Keep Your Garage Clean and Dry

Our garage door seal kits are available in a range of different heights and lengths. This means that, if measured correctly, they will fit your garage door perfectly. We have a large selection of options, whether it’s our standard 15mm or the tallest available seal at 50mm high, with lengths to suit all sizes of garage door. Whether your door is a single or a double width there will be a length that will go perfectly with it. If you have a roller shutter or you are perhaps looking for business solutions rather than something for your home then check out our commercial threshold seals.

All our seals come with a 5 year warranty; we are extremely passionate and confident about our product and their longevity and durability. All of the products on this page has been designed by a fully qualified industrial designer, who developed the serrated grooved base to give the best surface area for the adhesive to stick to. The yellow warning strips you can see on the products are there to prevent tripping hazards and provide a visual warning for anyone stepping over the threshold.

Diagram showing the features of the 50mm garage door threshold seal
A garage door threshold seal stopping water from entering garage

How our Garage Door Threshold Seals Work

All of our GaraDry® seals function in the same way. You fit them behind the garage door, making sure they are firmly butting up against the back of the closed door which creates a barrier against rain which will also prevent leaves, debris, small rodents and draughts from making their way inside the garage. The adhesive that is supplied with the kit will create a watertight seal between the bottom of the threshold and the floor.

Our seals are always really popular during stormy seasons, this is because they are very good at what they do. When the weather gets particularly wet our product is at its most effective, and you will be able to see the impact after installing it the next time it rains. This is also true for anything you keep in your garage; home gyms, workshops and 2nd storage have been some applications that people have used their garages for during the pandemic and our seals help prevent water condensation inside the garage which slows down the effects of rusting.

By removing the gap underneath your garage door, our garage door threshold seals will also help you to reduce your energy costs. This is because they will trap the heat inside and also prevent cold air from entering under the gap. If you are looking for something that will affect the top and sides of your door then our top & side seals will be something to look at. If you have a metal up and over garage door then our handy DIY garage door insulation kit will help to prevent heat escaping through the door and will make your garage warmer.


Specially Prepared Adhesive & Accessories

When designing the thresholds we realised that we need a quality adhesive & sealant which keeps them stuck to the floor. This is why our specially formulated adhesive is perfect for all of our garage door threshold seal products, it has been rigorously tested to keep all of the seals in place and make sure that they can be driven over safely.

As you can see on the image to the right the adhesive is applied in two parallel lines along the entire length of the installation area with a 3rd unbroken zigzag line between them. This allows you to place the threshold seal down in place and once pressed down will prevent water from entering under the threshold. The adhesive is resistant to temperatures from -40°C and +90°C and is designed to work in almost any environment from cold snaps to heatwaves.

There are a variety of other accessories that could be useful to you, two of them are different types of side blocks which are used to fill in holes when you install the products further behind the tracks. These foam side blocks are square and these ‘Garadam’ side blocks were designed to be used with that particular product and are indented. You can also buy a caulk gun in order to apply the adhesive here.

Man applying a garage door threshold seal to the floor with adhesive