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Uncertain about the ideal threshold seal for your specific needs?

Explore our extensive collection of customer installation photos, showcasing the effectiveness of our innovative range in maintaining clean, dry, and debris-free garages.

Whether safeguarding a classic sports car, storing holiday decorations, or keeping sentimental items, we offer a diverse selection of threshold seals tailored to your personal needs.

Our satisfied customers not only awarded us 5-star Trustpilot reviews but also willingly shared their installations to guide others in selecting the perfect product. Regardless of your flooring type - be it concrete, asphalt, paving slabs, epoxy, or tiles - our customer photos attest to successful installations on all surfaces. Every seal in our range is comprehensively depicted, allowing you to envision how each would seamlessly integrate and function in your garage.

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Garage Door Seal Kits
  1. Central Profile

    Seals against the door creating a watertight seal

  2. Yellow Warning Line

    Designed with safety in mind to prevent tripping & falls

  3. Durable Thermoplastic Material

    Durable & flexible - 100% recyclable, and does not degrade over time

  4. Serrated Bottom Edge

    Creates a stronger bond to the adhesive

Diagram showing the different features of our garage door threshold seals
Commercial Door Seals
  1. Central Profile

    Designed with safety in mind to prevent tripping & falls

  2. Joining Bars

    Internal joining bars allow multiple sections to be joined to create a seamless seal

  3. Aluminium Material

    Designed to withstand heavier loads, up to 50 ton. Gentle ramp profile allows forklift trucks and pallet trucks to easily pass over

  4. Bottom Insert Seal

    Compresses against floor to create a watertight seal

An illustration showing 4 different features of our commercial door threshold seals
Still from an advert showing our GaraDry trustpilot rating

The Best Garage Door Threshold Seals

GaraDry® is an award-winning company and the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of garage door seals for domestic garages, roller shutters and commercial doors. We have the largest range of threshold seals available on the market, with solutions for sealing the bottom, top and sides of your garage door. We have also designed insulation for up-and-over doors – a cheaper alternative to an expensive insulated garage door!

You can’t go wrong picking up any of our range of garage door threshold seal and commercial door seal products. Every single one has been designed and curated by a British industrial engineer in order to fit any garage door and protect your garage from the weather. Whether that is heavy rain fall and flooding or a lot of windy days where leaves fall into your garage, our garage door seals will protect your business premises or garage perfectly. From design to manufacturing, everything you see on the store was made in Britain.

You can have a lot more time to do things you actually want to do rather than spending minutes maybe even hours cleaning out your garage after a big storm hits. Having a garage door threshold seal allows you to no longer worry about your garage as it will be protected 24 hours a day for at least the next 5 years under our warranty scheme.

The garage door seals you see on this website all have a few features in common, including:
•Stopping any water from making its way inside the garage
•Acting as a garage door water stop in case of flooding
•The seals help you keep heat in and overall reduce your electricity costs
•Allows you to spend less time cleaning the garage
•Keeps the garage clean by not letting any windswept debris in
•Prevents field mice and other rodents from sliding under the gap
•Stops leaves being blown under the garage door

Award Winning Garage Door Seals

In April 2023, GaraDry® was honoured with the first ever King's Award for Enterprise for International Trade in recognition of three consecutive years of exceptional sales in overseas markets. The King's Award for Enterprise are the UK's most prestigious business awards, recognising excellence across the UK in categories such as innovation, international trade and sustainable development.

The King's Award was previously known as The Queen's Award, prior to the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. The new name reflecting His Majesty The King's desire to continue the legacy of his mother by recognising outstanding UK businesses.

2023 marked the 57th year for the award program, allowing awarded the use of the esteemed King's Awards Emblem for five years.

GaraDry® are proud and humbled to be selected for the award, and to help fly the flag for British business and products manufactured in the United Kingdom.

HRH The Duke of Gloucester presented the staff with the award on behalf of HM the King on November 24th 2023 during a special tour of the premises.

A man standing in front of a garage in the rain with leaves and water making their way inside

How will your products help me?

Aside from the features above, there are other applications of the products that haven’t been listed out yet. Though our threshold seals were designed with commercial and domestic garage doors in mind that doesn’t mean you can’t use them, for example, to waterproof around a shower or basin in order to keep the water in. You can see on this video that it will stop the water from spilling over regardless.

This is what makes our products special, because while they may only have one broad purpose the quality of them speaks for itself. They not only protect your garage and premises from rainfall, they also stop condensation and damp build up stopping the cause of rusting at the very source; they will take care of your equipment, tools, appliances, and any cardboard boxes you need for the future.

Our garage door threshold seals are able to be used for a couple of different applications besides serving as a water stopper. Some of our customers have used it as a water diverter to keep water away from certain areas and others have used it to secure things like outdoor showers to stop water from spilling out.

How does our product range work?

Our products are all designed and work in a very similar way with the only real difference being the sizes and how you apply the threshold seal. Our commercial door thresholds need to be bolted on to the floor after which they are fully secured and ready to protect your premises from the rain. Similarly, our garage door threshold seals need to be stuck onto the floor with an adhesive. The adhesive and sealant is provided with any of the garage door seal kits and after you have affixed it to the floor you also have a 5 year warranty to keep your garage clean and dry.

The way our garage door threshold seals work is that after you have successfully affixed them to the garage door and floor or roller shutter door and floor then a watertight seal is created up to the height of that seal. This then prevents any rainfall from getting into your premises and allows you to feel fully protected from the elements.

Each of our seals is made with environmentally friendly materials, using highly recyclable PVC plastic for the domestic range of products and aluminium for the commercial which is the most recyclable metal on the planet. When you buy with GaraDry® you are buying for the long term, with a 5-year warranty on our products and easily recyclable materials.

A clean garage with a 40mm garage door water barrier threshold seal installed