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Our commercial door threshold seals are made from heavy-duty aluminium and are ideal for installation on either domestic garages or under commercial roller shutter doors. A threshold seal will protect your garage or warehouse from the threat of damage from rainwater, debris, draughts or vermin.

Water that leaks under garage doors during heavy storms or as snow melts outside can cause damage to merchandise or equipment in your garage or warehouse. This can contribute to rust, or create conditions where mold and mildew thrive. Leaves, dust and other debris can get in and damage sensitive equipment. Cold or warm air can enter under the door and lead to increased heating or cooling bills. Rodents and insects that sneak into a garage can set up nests and eat away at equipment or products.

Our commercial door seals are made from a heavy duty aluminium making them ideal for installation in industrial premises where there is heavy traffic. The innovative design of our aluminium thresholds incorporates bottom insert seals, which compress providing a tight seal against wind driven rain water and debris.

Designed to Last

GaraDry® commercial door threshold seals are available in multiple heights and distinct styles to suit your business or garage needs. Three thresholds are manufactured from heavy-duty aluminium and all have been stress tested to make sure that they can withstand heavy weights from work equipment such as forklifts and pallet stackers. Our 25mm commercial door threshold seal has been stress tested in this video on an industrial press which applied over 13,000kg to it.

Each of our products has been designed by a fully qualified industrial designer. The seal's unique design incorporates PVC bottom seals, which compress when the threshold is screwed into the floor to create a watertight seal between the bottom of the seal and the floor. These are supplied in a continuous length, no matter what length kit you order, so it will provide a complete seal for the full width of your door. They each come with a 5-year warranty as we believe that our product more than stands the test of time.

GaraDry Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit 8mm (High)
GaraDry Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit 8mm (High)

How do our Commercial Door Threshold Seals work?

All of our heavy duty aluminium commercial door threshold seals are usually fitted underneath roller shutter doors but can also be put behind them, and can also be put behind a garage door’s tracks. If you would rather use an aluminium threshold seal instead of one of our PVC offerings then that is also very possible and works a treat.

By installing a commercial door threshold seal you are securing your premises from not only water, leaves, small rodents but also making sure that all the machinery in your warehouse will not suffer the effects of condensation. This will keep them safe from rusting and allow you to not worry about your warehouse, keeping your equipment and vehicles completely safe.

Created for Industrial Use

These commercial door threshold seals were designed with heavy machinery in mind from warehouses, farmhouses, and aircraft hangars, our seals can withstand any and all of them. Due to the weight they can each withstand it makes them the perfect addition to any business premise that either sees a lot of traffic or sees a lot of heavy deliveries coming in and out. Whether it’s a pallet stacker, forklift, private airplane or lorries carrying heavy loads they will each go over the threshold seal with no problem leaving absolutely no dent.

Each of the commercial door seal kits with the exception of the wrap around are supplied with interlocking sections of aluminium. These are then connected together to create any length of threshold though they only theoretically go to 9 metres at the longest, but there is no rule that’s says you can’t combine them to go even further. Because the aforementioned bottom seals are supplied with a continuous lengths, the threshold will always be watertight between the floor and the seal.

GaraDry Industrial Strength Aluminium Threshold Seal Kit 8mm (High)