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How To Seal A Garage Door

When it comes to creating a weathertight environment in your garage, the number one priority should be sealing any gaps around the garage door.

Garage doors come with a wide variety of opening mechanisms and designs, so it is important to choose suitable aftermarket weather seals for your garage door.

Here are some important considerations when looking to seal around your garage door.

Where Should You Focus First?

It is recommended to take a ground-up approach to sealing your garage door against the elements. Having a gap under your garage door is a common issue which often leads to rainwater running under the door along with cold air and critters. The most effective solution for sealing the bottom of the garage door is to use a floor-mounted barrier which is often referred to as a threshold seal. A threshold seal will work instantly to block the gap under the door, further information on GaraDry garage door threshold seals can be found here:

What Next?

Once any gaps under the garage have been dealt with, it is often a good idea to consider installing a side seal. The vast majority of up-and-over garage doors will have a noticeable gap each side of the door between the door itself and the frame. While some modern garage doors utilise factory-fitted weather strips on the sides of the door, older doors typically suffer from substantial gaps which can result in cold air, debris and vermin getting around the door. Fortunately, it is a simple job to install a side seal to your door.

How to Seal Above the Garage Door?

After any gaps both underneath the garage door and either side have been taken care of, it is worth checking to see if there is a noticeable gap above the door. Both canopy and retractable garage doors can suffer from having a large gap above the door which most commonly results in poor thermal performance as heat escapes above the door. Gaps of up to 40mm above the door can be quickly remedied with a GaraDry top seal which mounts to the frame above the door.

With garages often being used for recreation and storage, sealing any gaps under and around your garage door can become essential. From durable thresholds that fit behind the door to frame mounted top seals, GaraDry garage door seals are a great way to ensure the great outdoors stays outside.

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