Garage Door Seals – What are they and why do I need one?

What is a Garage Door Threshold Seal?

A garage door threshold seal is fitted to your garage floor, sealing the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. This then acts as a barrier against water and many other things which the seal will prevent from entering your garage.

Garage door threshold seals come in many different shapes and sizes, but their purpose is the same for each. They each are designed to keep your garage resistant to the elements and protect the contents from the damaging effects of rainwater and condensation.

When you look at our reviews on TrustPilot regarding our products, they share a similar sentiment; that for customers who experience water ingress in their garage, our products work like a charm. Water ingress is a big problem for many garages.

The important distinction to make between different garage door thresholds are the materials and craftsmanship used between them. Garage door seals can be made from many different materials, but not all are created equal. Low quality garage door seals tend to be made from low-grade materials such as rubber. These tend to be less resistant to prolonged exposure to wind and rainwater.

How are GaraDry Garage Door Threshold Seals different?

When it comes to GaraDry threshold seals they are made from high-quality PVC material or aluminium. These, unlike their rubber counterparts, are more environmentally friendly and will also last much longer.

GaraDry garage door seals are also available in a variety of different heights to seal any size of gap underneath your door. We have the largest range of garage door threshold seals to choose from.

The final two things that make our products unique are our top-of-the-line GaraDry adhesive & sealant, specifically created for use with our garage door weather seals, and a 5-year warranty that comes with all products purchased from GaraDry. When you decide to buy with us, we hope you have the best experience with no problems regarding our products.

20mm garage door floor seal stopping water

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What are the differences between other types of weatherproofing and garage door threshold seals?

The main obvious difference is the location of the product and where it fits in on your garage door. At GaraDry, we have solutions to seal all around your garage door, from the bottom to the top and sides. We also have a DIY insulation kit which you can use to prevent heat escaping through your garage door and help to reduce your energy bills. These products used together will weatherproof around your garage door and provide the best possible protection.

Other options for sealing the bottom of your garage door are brush seals or rubber draught excluders. These fit directly to the bottom of your garage door, and whilst they will not create a watertight seal, they can prevent draughts and rodents from entering underneath the door. Another product commonly used on sectional garage doors is a garage door bottom seal, which is a gasket-type seal that sits in a channel attached to the bottom of the door. A garage door threshold seal is an ideal accompaniment to any of these products if you need to make your seal watertight.

How does a garage door weather seal stop water?

When you install a garage door threshold underneath your garage door, the supplied adhesive & sealant will create a watertight seal between the bottom of the threshold and the floor preventing rainwater from being blown underneath your garage door.

Wind-driven rainwater can be damaging to the contents of your garage by causing water damage to cardboard boxes or electrical appliances which may be stored in there, which can be costly to replace or repair. The last thing you want to do is spend your free time at the weekends sweeping rainwater out of your garage.

It will also create a dry environment and reduce the build-up of condensation which can accelerate rusting. This will help to prevent damage to expensive tools, machinery or vehicles stored in the garage. Similarly, if you use your garage as a home gym or a workshop, you don’t want to be walking through puddles of water.

Finally, by preventing dust and debris from being blown into your garage it will help to keep the contents clean and tidy, giving you less cleaning to do.

Before and after of a dirty garage and a clean garage with a garage door seal installed

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In what other ways does installing a garage door threshold seal help my garage?

As our tagline suggests, what our products do for you is quite simple. That being that they keep your garage clean and dry all year round, and the way our garage door floor seals achieve this is by making sure that no leaves, dust, or other windswept debris make their way inside.

Another problem which is more common in some areas of the UK than others is vermin. Whether it’s field mice, insects, or any other little nuisances that can often make their way inside under gaps. By sealing the gap between the garage door and floor our garage door threshold seals prevent rodents and bugs from entering your garage.

The threshold seals can also help insulate your garage, by eliminating the gap underneath your garage door, they can prevent heat from escaping underneath the closed down. This will not only keep your garage warmer but will help to save on costly heating bills – particularly if your garage is directly connected to your home.

If I was to buy a garage door seal how much would it cost me?

The main problem with cheaper, low-quality thresholds is that they will need to be replaced more quickly. This is especially true of generic rubber seals because after exposure to water and dust they will degrade quickly. Instead, you should look for a better value-for-money option and purchase a quality garage door threshold that will last for many years.

When looking at better, more durable, and high-quality seals, you should look for one that will fit your garage gap and the length of your door. The investment in a high-grade threshold seal is always worth it, especially if windswept rain, debris, and water ingress are problems you deal with often.

When you shop with us here at GaraDry what you’ll find is that our products are of amazing quality. If you view our TrustPilot reviews, you’ll find our products all have excellent feedback.

Typically, how long will a garage door threshold seal last me?

This question is entirely dependent on the model or brand that you buy. Cheaper, generic brands will have a short lifespan and will need you to replace them quite regularly. They will often be supplied with poor quality adhesive, or even supplied without adhesive entirely.

When it comes to our own products, the reason they all come with a 5-year warranty is because we are that confident in the quality and lifespan of our products. By setting this as a goal for excellence we have got thousands of happy customers all over the world enjoying their clean garage.

Garage door flood barrier Garadam with 5 year warranty

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How can I install a garage door threshold seal?

The process of installing a GaraDry garage door floor seal is extremely simple. There are no specialist tools or equipment required, and the entire job can usually be completed in under an hour. To ensure the process goes smoothly, all you need to do is measure the gap between the door and floor as well as the exact length of your garage door. Once done, you can safely buy a seal of the height and length proportions you need and start the installation process.

If you look at our website each product comes in a “kit” which means that everything you need is within that box. When you receive the kit itself, it will have enough cartridges of GaraDry adhesive & sealant to complete your installation. The adhesive should be applied in two parallel lines along each edge of the threshold with a zigzag line running in between.

We have a series of PDFs available for the fitting instructions of each of our garage door threshold seals. We have also produced a YouTube video which outlines 10 distinct steps that will guide you to waterproofing your garage.

Why do you need a garage door threshold seal?

Believe it or not this was the question that kicked off the blog. I hope everything that’s written above has helped inform you of your decision on which garage door floor seal is right for you.

In summary:

  • Garage door seals stop windswept rainwater from entering your garage.
  • They stop vermin, bugs, and rodents from going inside the property.
  • They help stop draughts and keep heat contained in the garage, reducing energy bills.
  • They prevent dust, leaves, and other debris from going inside the garage.
  • They reduce the amount of condensation and slow down the effects of rusting.

Other than that, you can also visit each of the individual collection pages in the top navigation which will give you more information on each of our products. You will find a range of products suitable for your garage door sealing needs.

I have some questions how can I get in touch?

There are multiple ways you can get in touch with us, whether that’s by email, contact form or phoning us. By clicking here, you will be taken to our contact page which will outline all the information you need and all our contact details. If you want to stay on this page and call us you can do so on 01704 532 360, which will put you through to our customer service team. They will be handling your request whether it comes to our email or by phone, rest assured they will be able to offer expert advice.

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