The Ultimate Guide to Garage Door Seals and Thresholds

In the world of garage door protection, GaraDry® stands tall as the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of  best-in-class  garage door seals. Our award-winning products have revolutionised the way homeowners and businesses safeguard their spaces from the elements. 


Let's dive into the details of why our garage door seals and thresholds are a game-changer.


The GaraDry® Advantage

Extensive Range of Garage Seals

GaraDry® boasts the largest range of threshold seals on the market. Whether you need to seal the bottom, top, or sides of your garage door, we've got you covered. Our seals are also designed for commercial doors, providing a versatile solution for various applications.


Crafted by British Industrial Engineers

Every product in our lineup is meticulously designed and curated by British industrial engineers. This ensures that each seal not only fits seamlessly with any garage door but also offers unparalleled protection against weather elements. From heavy rainfall to windy days, our seals shield your garage, business premises, or roller shutter doors.


Designing our threshold seals


Innovative Garage Insulation

For those seeking an affordable alternative to insulated garage doors, GaraDry® introduces insulation for up-and-over doors. This innovative solution helps you keep heat in, ultimately reducing electricity costs and making your space more energy-efficient. 



Award-Winning Excellence  - King's Award for Enterprise

GaraDry® has been honoured with the first ever King's Award for Enterprise for International Trade in recognition of three consecutive years of exceptional sales growth in overseas markets. In April 2023, GaraDry® received the prestigious King's Award for Enterprise for International Trade,  solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. 

Kings Award


How GaraDry® Products Work

Key Features:

Waterproofing: Our garage door seals act as a barrier, preventing water from making its way inside during heavy rainfall or flooding.


Energy Efficiency: By keeping heat in, our seals contribute to lower electricity costs and create a more comfortable environment.

Debris Protection: Say goodbye to windy days causing leaves and debris to enter your garage. Our seals keep your space clean and clutter-free.

Rodent Prevention: Seal the gap under your garage door to stop field mice and other rodents from sneaking in.

Durable Construction: Made with environmentally friendly materials, our seals offer long-term protection. PVC plastic for domestic use and aluminium for commercial products, both highly recyclable.


Applications Beyond Garage Doors

While our threshold seals are designed with garage doors in mind, their versatility extends beyond. Some creative applications include waterproofing around showers or basins and serving as water diverters for specific areas.

Easy Installation and Long-Term Warranty

Our products are designed for user-friendly installation. Commercial door thresholds are bolted to the floor, while garage door threshold seals are easily adhered with the provided adhesive. Rest easy with a 5-year warranty, ensuring your garage stays clean and dry for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a garage door threshold seal?

Garage door threshold seals are ideal for anyone looking to protect their garage or business premises from water, debris, and rodents. They are especially useful in areas prone to heavy rainfall or flooding.


How does the seal prevent water from entering?

Once affixed to the garage door and floor, the seal creates a watertight barrier, preventing rainfall from infiltrating your space up to the height of the seal.

You can see how they work by visiting our buyers guide >

Can I use these seals for applications other than garage doors?

Absolutely! Our seals have versatile applications, from waterproofing showers to diverting water away from specific areas. 

See out full range of threshold seals here > 


Are the materials environmentally friendly?

Yes, our seals are crafted with environmentally friendly materials. For domestic products our Thermoplastic is both durable & flexible plus 100% recyclable, as an added benefit it does not degrade over time giving you years of protection and energy saving benefits. Aluminium, the most recyclable metal on the planet, is used for commercial seals.

See how we developed our threshold seal range here > 


In conclusion, GaraDry® offers more than just garage door seals; we provide peace of mind and long-lasting protection. Invest in our award-winning products and experience the difference today.

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