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How to Weatherproof your Home Garage for Winter

We might have only just entered autumn here in the UK but you don’t need us to tell you that time flies when winter’s just around the corner. Soon it will be time to blow the dust off your festive decor and drink hot chocolate in front of your favourite classic films. As the old adage goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

That said, with every silver lining comes a cloud (or two). In winter, we’re talking things like having to de-ice your car windscreen every morning and repairing any damage to your double glazing to stop the chill getting in.

Just like your car and your windows, your garage also needs some extra TLC when the cold months are on the horizon to ensure that your home and its contents stay safe, warm and dry year-round.

Here are five ways you can weatherproof your home garage ready for winter:

Insulate your garage door

If you haven’t got an insulated garage door, it’s quick, easy and cost-effective to do it yourself. It simply involves installing a sheet of insulating material to the back of the door to keep heat in during the winter and keep the garage cooler during warmer weather.

Check out our DIY garage door insulation kit for more information.

Seal your Garage Doors

To boost your garage’s defence against winter weather, we also recommend fitting garage door seals to prevent cold air and moisture getting in from outside.

Our garage door seal kits are made from a high quality, flexible and fully recyclable thermoplastic and provide a water-tight seal between your garage door threshold and the floor. These are the ideal solution if your door doesn’t fit flush to the floor, resulting in chilly draughts and water leakage - something you’ll be able to benefit from all year round.

Repair any Cracks or Damage

The run up to winter is the perfect time to check your garage doors, windows and walls for any cracks, crevices, gaps or damage that might have appeared since last year. Have anything you spot filled, repaired or replaced to keep the weather out and keep warmth in.

All of the measures above will help prevent damage to your garage but if and when it does occur, it’s important to act fast to avoid the problem(s) getting any worse - or costly!

Invest In a Garage Heater

All of the above methods are great ways to boost heat retention and stop cold air from seeping into your garage. However, if you spend a significant amount of time in your garage - maybe it’s a workshop or a band practice space - you might want to also include an additional heat source to circulate some extra warmth.

This could be a unit heater, an electric heater or a fan heater - just be sure to check that it will be safe for use in your garage before installing.

For more advice on winter-proofing your residential garage, or to find out more about any of the GaraDry products mentioned above, call the team direct or use the Live Chat box below.

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