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How to Fix a Garage Door Gap    

Having a gap around your garage door poses many problems, from flooding to drafts and vermin.
So if you find there to be a gap around your closed garage door, you should look to fix it as possible.
The location of the gap will help you to determine the potential source and method of repair. Bottom gaps in most cases mean that the frame or floor of your garage has settled.
So, what are your options?

Adjust the Tracks

If your garage door doesn’t close completely, it can leave a gap between those areas, so ensure that you address this problem first. Your garage door’s limit switch commands where the door finishes when you close it. It is typically found with the door opener. If there is a problem, a gap will show. To remove the gap, adjust the limit switch so the flexible seal at the bottom of the door is compressed to the ground.

Add Concrete To The Floor

If your main problem with the gap is located in the bottom part of the door and you’ve done all you can to adjust the placement of the door, you might want to consider adding concrete to the floor.

Replace with Garage Door Bottom Seal

Another good option to manage a garage door gap is installing a garage door threshold seal help to keep out debris, as well as offer protection from weather such as rain and snow, and ward off any pests, closing the gap between the ground and the door. They also keep out cold air and moisture as the gaps are closed, providing the best insulation possible.

Thresholds are glued to the garage floor and are a great addition to any garage requiring a sealing solution for uneven floors.


Inspecting your garage door is beneficial, but if you cannot tell what the problem is, it is best to call in a professional to help you on how to adjust a garage door that is crooked. Hopefully, the tips laid out above can help you work out any gap issue with your garage door.

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