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How to Adjust a Garage Door Gap

A gap underneath your garage door can lead to many problems. As this is not only a security concern, but also an entrance for pests, draughts, dust, leaves, and rainwater.
These can result in your possessions getting damaged or stolen.
Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem which we'll explain below.

Check the Limit Switch Settings

Automatic doors, especially roller style doors, use limit switches to define the end point for the door closing.
It may be a simple case of altering these settings to ensure the door goes down a few more inches and seals the gap. Especially if there is a compressible door seal.
Please consult the instruction manual before changing your settings.

Check The Door Weather Seal

Many garage doors have rubber, compressible seals installed on the bottom. These degrade over time due to exposure to the elements among other things.
Thus, we recommend removing these and replacing it with a garage door seal. As these are glued to the concrete, they are more effective at stopping water. Plus, they are made from vinyl, so made much more hardwearing.
They are also easy to install, requiring only a caulking gun, and prove to be a cost-effective solution.

Check The Seals Around The Garage Door

Rubber seals tend to be found on newer garage doors and when the door is closed, they prevent entry of draughts and dust. These can sometimes become tangled and prevent the door closing correctly, leading to a gap forming below the door.

Check the Tracks and Spindle Rollers

Any obstructions in the tracks could be causing the gap so please clean them of any debris. Also check the spindle rollers. Are the rollers significantly worn? If so, it could be causing the door to close at an angle leading to the gap.

Spindle rollers can be replaced, but if uncomfortable making these repairs, please contact a handyman or garage door repair company.

Fix the Concrete Slab

Over time the concrete slab in the garage can settle lower, resulting in a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. Having a new concrete slab poured can be expensive, but a cheaper option is to have the concrete topped up to level the floor and remove the gap.

You should now be able to secure your door, remove the unsightly gap, and prevent the ingress of water, vermin, and leaves. We have covered the main reasons for there being a gap under the door, but sometimes the problem could be something else.


If these steps did not help, and you are unable to determine the cause of the problem, we recommend contacting a local garage door repair company and asking for assistance.

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